Bogdan Padurariu is one of Romania's top drift drivers,competing at a European level in his modified Audi Quattro.
I had the opportunity to work with him on a commercial where we showcased his story, vision, and exceptional skills.

The 1984 Audi UR-Quattro is a one-of-a-kind drift car, passionately transformed by its owner over the years. Initially a legendary all-wheel drive vehicle, it now boasts rear-wheel drive and an impressive 600-700 horsepower engine managed by a DTA s80PRO ECU and powered by a Precision 5858 turbocharger with an Anti-Lag System.

The transmission and clutch have been reinforced to withstand the power, while the suspension has been lowered and enhanced with a special spring and shock absorber assembly. With extensive modifications such as a hydraulic handbrake, custom roll cage, and relocated radiator for better weight distribution, this Audi UR-Quattro truly stands out in the drift car world.


The biggest challenge we faced was that we had only three days to work on this project, during which Bogdan was also participating in RoDrift, a national drift championship held on the winding road of Muntele Rarău.

Despite the tight schedule, we managed to bring his story to the forefront through an interview, capture the best shots from the event, and the cherry on top was the filming we did from the trunk while climbing the Muntele Rarau road.

Honestly,it was insane - even though I was secured, driving at 100 km/h through those curves pushed my physical and mental limits to the edge!